Bring on the Polka Dots. Right Now.


I got this fabric a few years ago in New York, at Mendel Goldberg Fabrics in Manhattan. It’s a sheer black silk organza with silver metallic polka dots. And I’m in love. 


I draped the piece into a two-layered skirt with a flat waistband in front, and elastic in the back. It’s unlined, so I can layer it over things and see them underneath.


My best way to put elastic into any project is to sew the channel first, then thread the elastic through connected to a safety pin. Make sure to over-feed by about a half inch, so that you can tack it in securely. There’s nothing more annoying than getting everything sewed up, when you stretch it for the first time and the end of the elastic snaps out of the seam. Don’t cut the elastic till you’ve tried it on- it helps minimize waist by originally cutting too short or long.


The waistband is made from a grey dupioni silk that I took from a shirt from goodwill. Dupioni silk is rough, usually taken from the silkworm cocoon after the moth has cracked it open and left it. This is good for the worms, as the usual process kills the worm inside to get the single perfect strand of silk. Because the silk fibers have been torn, the surface of the cloth is uneven.

When you’re putting in a flat waistband, adding interfacing helps it to lay flat and smooth, and to keep its’ shape. If it is iron on, or fusible, it is good to apply it to the outer layer, which is the visible one. Interfacing comes in a variety of weights, is usually white, and is either fusible or sew in. The fusibles have tiny plastic dots covering one side. This is the side that faces the fabric, then you melt the dots to the fabric with an iron, which adheres it into place.


Because it is a natural fiber, silk can take pretty high heats without burning. Fuse the interfacing by holding the iron in one spot for about thirty seconds. It is useful to use a scrap of material as a press cloth, so you don’t scorch or burn the fabric. Make sure to use glass head silk pins- you can iron over them without any damage (melting your pins to your project just isn’t fun), and they’re super thin and sharp so they don’t pull or pucker the fabric.


When you’ve fused the interfacing to the waistband, fold the piece over to the back, and overlay the original seam by about 1/8″-1/4″, so you can catch it when you sew from the front. ‘Stitching in the Ditch’ is a technique used for tacking down something in the back without having a second, visible seam in front. Stitch right along the edge between the skirt and the waistband, so the back is caught for a finished look inside and out!


New Toys!


I have a few new items available online that I’m really excited about- they’re just so pretty! There is a natural quilted cotton cosmetics bag, and beautiful new eye masks! They come in the classic black velvet, as well as a new white lace that is edged in Neon Yellow and    a lovely Pale Dove. They would all make beautiful Valentine’s Day presents- fill a bag with some candy, a lacy pair of panties, a gift card to the spa, an eye mask, jewelry or other little treats!






When I grow up I am absolutely having a TV show called Sewing Sh!t with Sophie


I’ve started to work with the fabrics and trims I got from New York, and they are just amazing. I’m using a lot of them for my mini collection I’m doing in school- it will tie in with my larger F14 collection, which I planned to have halfway done right now, and have barely started!! This is partly due to the fact that I did not expect to get accepted to the Trade show in Chicago, and I’m kind of scrambling to make enough things in time. I definitely love a busyness challenge though, and I’m having a great time sewing every minute. I get to ask “what’s next?” nearly every day.

Sewing for the win.


Chicago One of a Kind Show

Everything is officially official- I have my booth number for the One of a Kind trade show in Chicago this December!! It’s gonna be super awesome, so if you’ll be in the area, you should definitely come!! You can buy all sorts of awesome underwear from me- it’ll be like the Lincoln Haymarket on crack. I’m located just inside the Etsy Pavillion at the show, and I will probably be super easy to spot due to an extreme use of pink and glitter. Can’t wait!!!


I’ve been sewing my little heart out for a month now, trying to get everything ready. I’ve designed a sweatshirt, a pajama set, and a sweet little nightgown that will be debuted at the show, as well as a ton of lingerie and party dresses!! There will also be two new panty designs- a hiphugger and a bikini cut high waist panty in addition to the current boyshort styles. I’m extremely psyched about that. New underwear for everyone!